How are Social Media and AI Changing the way we Travel?

social media for destination marketing organizations

So, let’s talk about how social media and AI are changing the way we travel and what that means for Destination marketing strategies.

Is social media sufficient as a travel guide?

First up, social media, especially Instagram, is like the new go-to travel guide thanks to influencers showing off those picture-perfect spots. But here’s the downside – too many people flocking to the same places leads to overcrowding and takes away from the real vibe of the destination. How can Destinations help guide visitor traffic to equally appealing spots with less traffic?

Can AI give us a reliable travel plan?

AI travel planning tools from Expedia and Google, claim to give us personalized recommendations based on our preferences. Of course, we know that both are biased in their results towards the tourism operators who can afford to pay to play.

If done right, AI could balance out the impact of social media by suggesting off-the-beaten-path spots. The hitch? The quality of AI suggestions depends on the data we feed into the system and if the system is contantly consuming and re-consuming top ten data then that is what off-the-shelf AI solutions are going to be learning from.

Travel planning still requires time

Here’s a reminder for us travelers – it’s not all about chasing those Instagrammable moments. We need to approach places with an open mind and respect for the local culture. After all, no amount of tech can replace the real deal – experiencing a place and connecting with its people. No one knows this more than Destination marketers.

So, while social media and AI are shaking things up in the travel world, it’s important to keep that human touch and open-mindedness alive for a truly meaningful travel experience.

The real question is, how can we do that at scale?


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