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trippl is an all-in-one trip planning app that partners with Tourism Destinations.
We put their data in our tool on their websites and in our app,

so you can Plan easy & Play hard

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  • Planning
  • Booking
  • Doing

Find the gems and easily add them to your trip

No more need to have all the tabs open and to juggle multiple apps – trippl partners with local tourism associations to bring you the gems without having to go through all the hassle of scouring the web.

Add stops to your trip and plan your best route all in one place … and know from the beginning how long it’s all going to take to do!

Planning a trip with friends? Collaborate to plan an adventure that everybody is going to love!

Need an extra day to get it all done? Now you know and you can book it right here!

trippl on both devices

Book accommodations & activities all within the app

No need to use multiple apps and tools to find accommodations nearby all the cool things you want to do. Why travel hours from sleeping to doing when you can save time and money booking your accommodations right near all the action?

Use trippl’s map-based planner to plan your trip and then book accommodations nearby without having to have multiple tabs open or use other apps.

With trippl, everything you need to plan, book and do is all in one place!

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Take your trip on the roadwith the trippl app

Trip planning doesn’t end when you book your trip, that’s when everything is just getting started!

Take your plan on the road with the trippl mobile app and always be certain that you are on the right track by getting driving, walking or transit directions to the next stop on your trip in real time!

Plus, you can receive notifications when you are drifting behind schedule (you’re running late Jim, let’s re-book that next appointment).

Then, you can share your experience with friends by posting a recap to social media directly from the app – tell the world about your awesome adventure!

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